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Reiki Training
REIKI is one of the most popular healing methods in the west today. As a style of healing, REIKI is a gentle, non-invasive technique for reducing pain, increasing vitality and promoting deep relaxation. A form of hands-on healing, REIKI unblocks negative patterns and re-balances the body's natural energy flow. Become a REIKI practictioner or merely empower your own private and professional life, for healing yourself and family and friends.

Seminars Include
  • REIKI I:  Learn the principls and history of REIKI. REIKI first aid, sleep aid, quick energizers. Hand positions for treating yourself and others. A REIKI I attunements brings a clearing on the physical level.

  • REIKI II:  Learn transmitting healing across space in distance/absentee healing work. Clearing/Balancing Chakras. Manifesting. REIKI helps in changing negative patterns such as smoking and overeating. REIKI II brings clearing on an emotional level.

  • REIKI III:  Eight symbols for higher consciousness and interdimensional awarness.

  • REIKI IV:  REIKI Master advanced training symbol to hold the maximum REIKI energy for life!

  • REIKI V:  REIKI Master/Teacher Training for teaching others. learn to conduct weekly healing circles in your office.