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This book evolved. Nurtured by varied coincidences, it intertwined an everexpanding circle of family, friends, mentors and editors.

For physically making it happen, much gratitude to Jane Dystel, Miriam Goderich, Michael Bourret, and Stacey Glick for their professional guidance and encouragement; to Dr. Brian J. Katz for his creative advice; and to Marilyn Chiaramonte for introducing me to my editorial aide, Mary Carson. For emotional latitude, many thanks to my family: David, my husband; Stacey, my daughter; Gregg, my son; Ceil, my mother; Myron, my father; Rodelle and Suelle, my sisters; and to all the other members of my extended family, friends and colleagues. Each has contributed to my becoming who I am. For intellectual stimulation: deep appreciation to the more experienced "resources" whose abilities inspired me, whose writings broadened my thinking, whose mentoring encouraged me, whose friendship enriched me. In alphabetical order: Rabbi Berg; Karen Berg; Dan Brown; Rev. Robert Brown; Carlos Castaneda; Edgar Cayce; Deepak Chopra; Laura Day; Florinda Donner; John Edward; Barbara Furlani; Dr. Jane Greer; Robert Hansen; Dr. Carmen Harra; Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D.; Caroline Myss; Judith Orloff, M.D., Shelly Peck; James Redfield; James Van Praagh; Neal Donald Walsh; Marianne Williamson; Gary Zukor.

How much better life becomes when we contribute. We give to each other, and the gifts from these advisors have made it possible for me to give back to the community.

Thank you.