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Sheryl Glick, Energy Healer and Medium, Shares the Reality and Power of Distant Healing through Personal Examples

Question: What is distant healing? How can a person be relieved of physical or emotional stress when the practitioner is nowhere to be seen?

Answer: Distance healing: Healing in which people seek to help patients simply with the power of the mind and a connection to higher energy. Distance healing can include anything from Reiki, therapeutic touch- in which practitioners, without touching their patients, try to alter their energy fields – sometimes using visualizations for relaxing the body and removing blockages and obstructions that are creating any health issue. The intention of the practitioner is for a higher state of health, prosperity, love and balance for the person they are focusing on.

Gregg’s Story: Now You See It-Feel It, Now You Don’t

It is September 16th, my birthday and also the first day of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah. My son Gregg called me from California a week ago on the day I returned from a vacation in Alaska. Gregg told me that two doctors had discovered a painful growth under his armpit. He is scheduled for a biopsy and tells me his friend Tim is going with him to the hospital. I am beside myself as I want to be there for him, but he tells me he can handle the procedure alone, knowing a trip for me to California right after arriving home from Alaska would be a hardship for me. My Reiki Master Teacher, Barbara, a medical intuitive, says she senses a dark mass and my stomach turns over in knots. She tells me I should be there for the diagnosis. I ask my healing group if they would be so kind as to assist me and send distant healing. A week before the procedure, I am intent on sending distant healing to the time and place and people involved in the procedure, and most especially to my son, Gregg. All of us, I, who am the Reiki Master leading the group, and my students, using an ancient Reiki symbol for distant healing, summon up all the thoughts, intentions and love for a successful outcome to this procedure. Working individually and collectively is a powerful way to connect to healing energies.

It is so strange, but on September 16th, a holiday and my birthday, I am in the office waiting for a new client, when all other doctors and practitioners are out of the office. This new client was scheduled for an appointment five months before, but was unable to keep the appointment, so when she called and said she was in need of an immediate appointment; I did not hesitate to schedule her even though it was a holiday. Plans to have dinner with my family later in the day, did not enter into my decision to have the session. While I waited for the new client, a little boy who I often spoke with entered with his father. I was surprised as the boy was usually accompanied by his mother. I asked the father his name and he responded, “Timothy”. I got a happy feeling dancing through my heart even though I was tremendously concerned about Gregg’s test scheduled for later that day. Whenever I meet someone with the name Timothy, I know Spirit is sending me a message that everything will be alright. After a wonderful session with the young woman, she responded “Sheryl, you have helped me beyond my wildest hopes”.

I then returned home and while in the bathroom, preparing to go to my dinner appointment, I looked at my watch and saw it was exactly the time that the procedure was to be performed- three o’clock New York time, twelve o’clock California time. I bowed my head, and put my healing hand under my armpit. While using the ancient Reiki symbol, I prayed to Spirit saying that if my son was alright, I would thank God every day for the rest of my life and be of service in anyway directed. I suddenly felt something burst or explode in my armpit, and then felt a green warm healing gel spread over the whole area. As a new Reiki practitioner, I had no idea what was going on.

Immediately after that experience, I jumped in the car with my husband and another guest, and headed out for dinner at my sister’s home. While driving, my cell phone rang. My husband answered the phone and it was Gregg. Gregg reported the procedure was over and the doctor had just returned and told him that there was nothing to send out to pathology, but only scar tissue remained and he was okay.

I started to cry and thanked God from within for what I knew was a true miracle for both my son and I.

Stacey’s Story: Twins without a Caesarean

My daughter Stacey is the mother of two toddlers and announced to me she is pregnant with twins. Having great love for my daughter, I begin to send distant healing every night at eleven pm, as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, whom I recently met, suggested that eleven o’clock was the most effective time of the day for sending energy healing. Without failure, each night I sent Stacey my highest intentions for a natural and safe delivery using ancient Reiki symbols. I knew how challenging it was to be pregnant with twins while taking care of two toddlers and working a challenging job all at the same time. Sometimes when I shared the story of Stacey’s upcoming delivery, people immediately responded “Oh, she must be having a caesarian”. I would respond emphatically “No, she is not.” Stacey went full term before delivering the twins. While I sat in the waiting room expecting to be called any minute, I continued sending healing. I was beginning to be concerned as the hours passed. All of a sudden, I was called into the maternity ward, into the room where Stacey had just delivered. Jeremy, Stacey’s husband, was holding the smallest twin, Talia and I started to cry. The twins had been 6.5 pounds and 5.1 pounds and even though Talia, who was delivered two minutes after Chelsea, was in a breach position, the wonderful and gifted obstetrician had been able to turn the baby and Stacey delivered both babies without a caesarian.

It was the miracle of combined efforts, a loving mother, a gifted physician, and distant healing from Reiki.

Hang and Lillian- Seeing in a New Way

I have just completed an episode for “Healing from Within” which I am the host of for an internet radio show. I was so excited to talk to Author Anita Moorjani who was all the way across the world in Hong Kong. Hector, who is Hang’s partner, my computer manager, told me after recording the show, that Hang had just had laser eye surgery. I immediately suggested I would send Hang distant healing. A few days later, I received a call from Hang saying he didn’t believe in this distant healing, but Hector told Hang I was sending distant healing to help him with a speedy and safe recovery. The doctor had told Hang he would have tearing and itching for at least four hours after the surgery, but he didn’t. His wife Lillian, who had the same surgery, struggled for hours with excessive tearing. Hang was not aware why he was doing better than his wife until Hector told him I was sending him healing intentions. A few days later, back in the doctor’s office, the doctor asked Hang if he had done anything different than Lillian, because his eyes were in such great condition. A light went off in Hang’s head when he realized that I had only sent him healing, not knowing about his wife’s surgery.

Now, Hang was not only a believer, but went one step further asking me for further assistance in completely healing his ankle, as he was still unable to play basketball after surgery, almost a year ago.

The proof is in the pudding!